Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vertigo! Phil Polizatto Goes All Hitchcock!

The very sounds of the STOOPIT can set a person off:
"This is what happens to me when I see someone bristling at the words “socialism,” “progressivism,” or anything that might sound like it is for the “greater good of the people.” They bristle with fear and ignorance because they have been manipulated by words and phrases that have no substance. Words and phrases made up by an elite corps of wealthy people with vested interests. They and their ad agencies make up slogans. “Show the birth certificate.” “Obama is a Fascist.” “Take our country back!” What the hell does that really mean? How far back? Pre-toilet paper? Or just pre-Civil Rights?

I look carefully for the theories and philosophies the Tea Partiers put forth which are worthy of debate. And I do mean debate in its purest form, namely, logical debate, in which the arguments derive from an axiom, are free from rhetoric and strategy, and based solely on substantiated facts. I ask Tea Partiers to describe in detail how their political theory and philosophy would be implemented. I am only answered with inanities and name-calling. But the more I drill down on my own to discover the details, the more frightening the Tea Party Platform becomes in its insidiousness. Its well-honed use of double-speak is downright scary. Add to the mix the awful reality of, “Say it often enough and it’s true,” (at least to many brain dead couch potatoes,) and the rhetoric really begins to smell."
My colleague on WWH is a very erudite, interesting fellow; slide on by World Wide Hippies
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