Saturday, February 11, 2012

Judas Priest, Under God!

The sanctimonious, berobed pederastic fucknozzles of the Roman Church's hierarchy have entered the political fray once again with complaints about supplying birth-control to their employees.

At the same time, there are fresh reevelations about sexual abuse of children by religious folks in ANOTHER diocese, this one in Milwaukee.

But I haven't seen ANYBODY reply to the mackerel-snappers' intrusion into the birth-control debate in the way in which I would, which would be to say:

"You vile, foul, filthy fucking hypocrites.
"You DARE to rail and rage about contraception, which even 90 percent of your on confession regards as sane, and sensible, while in EVERY diocese in the focking COUNTRY, and in MOST of them around the world, you skeevy fuckers CANNOT keep your grasping paws out of little children's underclothes?
"Fuck off.
"You can rejoin the conversation when your fucking pope and half the fucking college of Cardinals, and most of the bishops are in jail for rape."
The RC Hierarchs--anyone above the level of parish priest--should be required to register as "agents of a foreign power," and parish priests ought to be required to file a DNA sample with their local constabularies.

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