Saturday, November 19, 2011

Something, Something, History, Something, Re-Live It

Cops are PIGS.
When did we forget this?
You coulda asked Woody...
I remember from the LAST time.
It's not true what they say...I DO remember...still bear a few momentos.
Cops are the enforcers of the Owners, the gunsels of the State.
A lot of 'em are former military. They love this shit.
They no longer 'serve & protect." Now it's "search & destroy. "
ops don't get into it for the money.
They LOVE what they do.
Mebbe not ALL are sadistic sociopaths, but enough are that tie mkes little difference.
I have said for the last 40 years that ALL citizens should have the experience of being rousted by cops who rezlly think you're a "perp," to see what 'rights' they give themselves to deal with you: a good cop (such as they are) on a bad day; or a bad cop (most of 'em) any day.

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