Monday, September 26, 2011

Keep It To Yourself, Okay?

F-book correspondent Tracy Knauss posted this image today, along with the following commentary:
Mike Treder, a friend of mine who's the Managing Director of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies in New York sent me this wonderful quote he penned and asked me if I would design an image fitting of his prose. I was glad to accept. Here's what we came up with. Enjoy and share.

Woody likes this plenty; wishes more people would treat their faith like their genitals and not go shoving it in the faces of folks who haven't asked about it.

I mean: There was an image going around the other day of the lower abdomen/upper groin area of a fellow who'd had the face of the Disney character Pinocchio tattooed on him so that his dick was where the puppet's nose should have been.

(*Presumably, he didn't intend to imply that the bigger his dick grew, the more hew was lying, but you never know: it is a remarkably accurate metaphor, imho.)

>So it's the experience of a lot of non-believers that fiercely proselytizing Believers' perform their testimonies of faith very much to resemble the importunings of someone with a Pinocchio-tattoo on his groin, whose dick is where the nose should be, and goes around telling people about it, in great detail, with great enthusiasm, inviting them to take a look and SEE if it isn't the coolest tattoo fucking EVAR!

And then go all huffy about it if you decline the invitation.

There is a "Dicho" to that effect inscribed in the eponymous part of the right-hand margin, below, along with an assortment of others of my rendering.

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