Monday, January 3, 2011

A Polite Discourse

The conversation may not yet be complete. I only posted my last remarks within the past hour. T"The New Mexico Fan Page" may yet reply; indeed may ban me for illegitimately "politicizing" the page.

Woody Wiqiliques Konopak >>> The New Mexico Fan Page
The Railrunner, if the GOPukes under Tex Martinez don't run it into the ground, will turn out to be the best thing for New Mexico since snow...But since it is a public expenditure, I expect 'em to screw it up, defund it, let it decay, so they then can point to it and can say what a terrible idea it was.
So enjoy it while you can...
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The New Mexico Fan Page We are sad that you take such a pessimistic view on the situation. With a new year beginning, we like to be optimistic about the future of this great state. Hopefully the new administration will work to better serve it's concerned citizens like yourself!
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Woody Wiqiliques Konopak How much you wanna bet?
The best thing the "new administration" could do for citizens like myself--hell, for ALL the citizens-- would be to shag her carpetbagging, valero-greased butt back to Texas, where empty-headed tea-baggery, anti-worker reactionism, and fear-mongering anti-intellectualism are normal.
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An Addendum appeared after my last post:
Jolene Lilley: So sorry you are so bitter. Wow!! I personally am so excited for this new administration to get going and make this GREAT state even better!!! God Bless our new gov. and the rest of our leaders.
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You just don't get it do you there Wood!