Friday, March 12, 2010

Put Up, or Shut the Fuck UP: Regulating the Banksters!

Richard (RJ) Eskow, of the Campaign for America's Future, posted a lovely little pipe-dream on HuffPost yesterday, where he calls for "up-and-down" votes on proposed regulations to rein in the future predations by the cannibalistic thugs of the banking "industry." Senate Finance Committee "chair" (resident corporat stooge) has of course NO interest in that particular job, which would cost him millions in future income when he was denied the cushy lobbying and board of directors' positions for pissing off his "once and future" bosses.
Fuck "bipartisanship." It only ever means that the Party of Property has enough political cover to enforce total discipline. So Chris Dodd, who is retiring from Congress and COULD use his electoral invulnerability to pursue REAL regulation, will opt to obey the commands of his future employers--the same people he's been supposed to be regulating for the last 20 years. You can NEVER underestimate the venality of the average Congresscritter, and the Senate is worse than the House...
Too many important policies have been traded away in the Senate in the name of a bipartisanship that never appears. Democrats aren't just failing to deliver the right policies; they're losing on the politics too. They're ceding these to their opponents by refusing to make those opponents -- or their own party members, for that matter - take a public stand.

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