Monday, February 1, 2010

"Natural Capitalism" DOESN'T Sound Like An Oxymoron When Amory Lovins Explains It

Amory Lovins along with his wife, Hunter, both exceptional scholars in their own rights, founded the Rocky Mountain Institute about 30 years ago, and have been on the frontiers of efforts to mitigate the effeccts and the causes of global climactic catastrophe. Both Hunter and Amory, by the way, are kids of scientists at the Los Alamos nuclear labs. I met 'em in the mid-'70s, before the evidence of the impending crisis was widely circulated. To my chagrin, at the time, I more or less ignored them, which conceit I have since frequently regretted.

Below find an interview with Amory Lovins, by Harry Kreisler of the UC-TV system program, "Conversations With History."
I began to mend my ways of thinking in the mid-80s. I fear by now it may be too late. But these are some of the clearest alternatives I've ever heard anyone describe.

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