Sunday, July 5, 2009

Michael Jackson Is Still Dead

The tears and imploring of his legions of 'fans' notwithstanding. I am guessing he, like all of us when we cross that divide, will remain that way.


I don't care. I give a fuck. He was a self-destructive, self-obsessed, pedophiliac has-been, drug-addict, and complete wack-job: A grotesque self-parody of self-parody.

Jackson's recordings netted BILLIONS! How much of it--what percentage--did he dedicate to 'charity?' One of his charities brought small, ill children to Neverland. Recruiting? He died owing a pharmacist more tha $100,000 for TWO MONTHS worth of prescription pain abaters.

Another thing:

On the day after our "national holiday," I for one, don’t feel “better” this year than last, even with “the Prez” newly installed in power. It seems to me, from the evidence, that the country traded a bumbling, inarticulate, smirking, spoiled fleck of patrician privilege for a smooth, literate, toothy corporate hack; took off the shit-encrusted cowboy boots and slipped into the blood-soaked alligator loafers.

Change? My ass…

Example: The most likely “health care reform” bill to come out of Congress will be such a piece of shit that “liberals” and “progressives” will prefer to eat rat poison and expire than vote for it. But “thePrez” will sign it. At this point, he’d sign onto involuntary organ harvesting if it came to his desk, and claim it was a “bold step” for financing insurance for all.

And don’t anybody give me any shit about the “perfect” being the “enemy” of the “good.”

If the best the “good” an give us is a reeking pile of corporate privilege, and more private profit from public suffering, then it needs all the fucking enemies it can get…Count me IN!

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