Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Why Are The Bushevix Purging US Attorneys?

Cuz that's what it is: A purge.

And strangely, the US Attorneys being purged have been active investigating and prosecuting mis and malfeasance among the Busheviks themselves.


You're fucking kidding, right?

Here's how Adam Cohen, writing in the NYTimes described it:
It is hard to call what's happening anything other than a political purge. And it's another shameful example of how in the Bush administration, everything - from rebuilding a hurricane-ravaged city to allocating homeland security dollars to invading Iraq - is sacrificed to partisan politics and winning elections.

U.S. attorneys have enormous power. Their decision to investigate or indict can bankrupt a business or destroy a life. They must be, and long have been, insulated from political pressures. Although appointed by the president, once in office they are almost never asked to leave until a new president is elected. The Congressional Research Service has confirmed how unprecedented these firings are. It found that of 486 U.S. attorneys confirmed since 1981, perhaps no more than three were forced out in similar ways - three in 25 years, compared with seven in recent months...

That's right. In the last 8 months, the Busheviks have fired and replaced more than twice the number of US attorneys who have EVER been fired and replaced for cause of ANY kind.

...The politicization of government over the last six years has had tragic consequences - in New Orleans, Iraq and elsewhere. But allowing politics to infect U.S. attorney offices takes it to a whole new level. Congress should continue to pursue the case of the fired U.S. attorneys vigorously, both to find out what really happened and to make sure that it does not happen again
You can say that again...

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