Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Myth of Sustainability: A Commitment To A Chimera

It's sheerest, vainest, brazenest fantasy! Carbon-based "development" is NOT POSSIBLE, NOT SUSTAINABLE.
But the Owners will ensure that the world is trapped in that sticky mess as long as there is ONE, SINGLE, UNAMORTIZED DOLLAR of "investment"to recoup.
There is no way to reduce the foot-print of modernity soon enough or sizably enough to forestall the eventual (foreseeable) collapse of the part of the bio-sphere that sustains us.
 We've fucked it up beyond repair.
I SINCERELY hope I am no longer among the living when the blow falls.
 We are ALREADY edging closer and closer to Hobbes' "war of all against all," when civic life reverts the "the state of nature: poor, lonely, nasty, bruitish, and short."