Monday, August 4, 2008

Barack Obama Cannot Go "Mano-a-Mano" With Skeevy Little Bombin' John

He'd be portrayed as some kind of Chicago Projects street-thug mugging a little old man, or worse. No matter how nasty the little (only 5'7"), old man is, he's WHITE, and that is an automatic victim license in a dust-up against any you know...He's a war-hero, of course...

Obama cannot do anything in his relations with McStain that could be read as an "uppity kneegrow"--that meme's out there already--dissing an aged, disabled, WHITE War Hero.

He cannot call McStain a liar, even though the nasty, little fucker clearly lies so often he forgets the lies he's told, cuz McStain's a WHITE war-hero.

He cannot call McStain crooked, even though Bombin' John's got a history of shady dealings that goes back 30 years, cuz McStain's a WHITE war-hero.

He cannot call McStain "out of touch," which is a code for "too old," because there are a lot of WHITE voters who didn't think Raygun was too old. McStain's a WHITE war-hero, too.

And of course, NOBODY BUT NOBODY can call out McStain on his lies about his imprisonment, most notably that he probably wasn't tortured, though when the North Vietnamese did try to repair his injuries, they did so without anesthesia.

McStain's strategy is not to try to recruit Obama voters. He doesn't want 'em. They'd just confuse things. McStain's strategy is to give every WHITE person in America one plausible reason NOT to vote for Obama, to stay home, or just vote down ticket.

Right now, I'd give 1-1 odds that it works...

Oh, and another thing: You’ll NEVER see Obama lecturing poor or lower-class whites the way he did the NAACP? You'll never hear a peep about WHITE folks turning off the TV and doing homework, or WHITE fathers deserting their families.

Well, he did sorta try it once. Remember the "desperate people clinging to their religion and their guns?" Those were WHITE people he was referring to, and he got CRUCIFIED for it…remember?

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